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Sustainability As A Service delivers business to business and business to customer services for established clean energy and sustainability companies. Participants in our program leverage the support, expertise and network of IES and partners to gain an exclusive advantage in the marketplace. By focusing on the core aspects of your organizations customer relations strategy (development; growth; retention) we are able to communicate your value and strengths to build influence and expand sales channels for your product or service in the “Green Business Zone.”


Through Sustainability as A Service, participants have access to information, events and resources that can help introduce your company or product in new markets. IES provides introductions, lead generation and referral services built to showcase and highlight the advantages of working with your organization. Through our program, clients and customers will know and understand that your product has been tested, verified and meets the criteria necessary to explore sales and growth opportunities.

Your business can’t be everywhere at once, and probably has existing product lines outside of energy and sustainability. Through IES, your business will have an added layer to network and drive interest and demand for your product or service. IES’ single mission focus is to drive growth in energy and sustainability jobs, projects, and business, let us represent your interests year round and expand your opportunities for growth.

Business is not all about the exchange at the counter. It is about building lasting relations and having a community of supporters that know your product and understand your companies values. IES understands this and intentionally invited board members representative of institutional memories stretching back to the mid 1800’s. Energy and sustainability are with us for the long-run and you should be too.


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