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Founded in 1887, Clark University carries a strong tradition of  liberal arts research and scholarship that addresses social imperatives in a global context.  As a founding member of IES, Clark lends significant support in enabling a cross discipline focus that address complex scientific, social and business challenges. The University’s success in transformative community projects, such as the Gardner Kilby Hammond project and the University Park Campus demonstrate the value of their contribution to the mission of creating a green business zone.



Worcester Polytechnic Institute logoWPI, founded in 1865, WPI was one of the nation’s first technological universities. WPI’s world class faculty, administrative and student body work in cutting edge research areas, leading to breakthroughs in biotechnology, fuel cells, nanotechnology and information security. WPI was a principal founder of the successful Massachusetts Biomedical Initiative which has helped to grow over 50 companies and generate over $58 million in investments. In 2008 WPI opened an extension of the UMASS biotech park at the Gateway Park campus on Prescott Street. This cluster development, public/private partnership is now being focused on creating a clean energy cluster.



US Congress SealCongressman Jim McGovern, currently serving his 7th term in Congress, brings his talents and support to the IES. As a principal founder of the Institute, Congressman McGovern spearheaded many of the initial discussions and has played a strong advocated to bring Federal support to the work of the IES. The Congressman is the Vice Chairman of the powerful House Rules Committee and a member of the House Budget Committee, his influence in the Central and Southeastern Massachusetts by the number of projects and assistance that bear his name.




Massachusetts Clean Energy CenterMA Clean Energy Center, the state’s lead agency in the development and promotion of the Massachusetts clean energy cluster. CEC’s investments in game changing clean energy technologies helps potential clean energy companies establish themselves in Massachusetts. The CEC work ranges from assisting start-up companies to assisting in the growth and development of Massachusetts new Wind Technology Testing Center. The CEC is a valued partner and contributed the initial start-up funds for the IES.